Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Currently October!

When I saw the October Currentlies popping up on my Bloglovin' feed, I honestly thought there had been some sort of mistake.  October, already?  This year has whizzed past so quickly - it will be Christmas before we know it!  Link up with Farley to share what's Currently on your mind. :)

I'm on holidays and feeling lazy, so I'll let my Currently choices speak for themselves. :)  My treat to share is a link to my all time favourite dessert!  There's a few ingredients to gather, but once you've got them it's super simple to whip these babies up.  Do yourself a favour and make some Turtle S'more Cheesecake Minis.  I mean, how can you go wrong with a treat that combines marshmallow fluff, caramel and chocolate?

All this talk of dessert has made me hungry.  I'm off to scrounge in the fridge for something yummy!



  1. We are both needing to plan for next term - oops! Friday maybe? I am loving the break though, I just can't think about going back to school yet! Enjoy the next few days!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. Hi Alison! I will definitely have to think about planning tomorrow. I'm heading in to school today to tidy my office and do some printing - so not ready for holidays to be over. :)

  2. Seriously sounds wicked. Where do you get jet puffed marshmallow cream? I'm not the only one not ready for holidays to end...phew...we'll be fine come Tuesday when school goes back, right!
    Happy holidays.
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

    1. Hi Julie! Last time I made these I was still living in Canada and marshmallow fluff was available everywhere - in Australia you should be able to buy it at big Coles and Woollies stores. Maybe with the baking supplies. It's a big jar that weighs about 1 gram! :)

  3. Found you through the linky :) Super jealous that you are on break! We are desperately trying to stay one step ahead of the game and could so use a week (or 6 off) right now!
    Those yummies look delicious-and dangerous! Thanks for sharing.

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for stopping by. :) It has been so lovely to have a break, but only a few days of holidays left. Those little cheesecakes are so dangerous, you can just about sit and eat all of them in one go - they are so good!
      Lauren :)

  4. Anything with caramel and chocolate has my vote! I have put all the ingredients on my shopping list for tomorrow hehe

    I wish we had another week of holidays - on one hand I am missing my kids terribly and on the other...well...I could do with another month lol. Enjoy your last few days of holidays!

    Lifelong Learners in Prep


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