Saturday, 12 October 2013

Five for Friday! 11/10/13

I'm so late to the linky this week that my post is really a Five for Fraturday... but hey, better late than never! :) And please excuse my terrible photography skills this week - I was having a shocker!

1. In Maths groups this week we revised addition concepts with our pool noodle beads.  We practised representing number stories with the beads to find the total, counting on and my sweethearts even practised telling their own addition number stories.  One kidlet exclaimed 'This is the funnest Maths group ever!'... The simple things in life are often the best, I guess! :)

I have permission to publish photos of these two cuties.

2. Sight Word Slam - new favourite game! The rules are easy - be the first to bounce a ball on the word called and you get a point. 

3. I couldn't resist sharing this photo of one of my sweet kidlets reading a story to one of our Reading Buddies.  

4. Conversations this week almost always started with this exchange:
Person A: Pretty hot today!
Person B: Yeah - stinking!
Which is the Queensland way of discussing the warm weather! We had temperatures in the low 30s and sunny skies all week.  Yesterday I opened my (air-conditioned) classroom door and it honestly felt like I had opened an oven, the air outside was so hot.  The kidlets enjoyed running through the sprinklers at lunch time to cool down. :)

5. I'm excited to turn this gorgeous fabric from Ikea into some cushions for my couch!  And by that, I mean that a lovely friend is going to sew them for me. :) I'm planning another Ikea trip to buy some more fabric in a different pattern - there's heaps of designs and most are about $9.99 per metre. (That sounds like an ad - I promise it's not!  I'm hot and cold with Ikea, but love this fabric.)

Happy weekend everyone!  I'm off to Doodle Bugs to link up and check out the other Friday Fives.


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  1. Hi Lauren! I love the Sight Word Slam game- and all of your hands on ideas! I also love the colors of your blog. :) So pretty! The cushions will be so pretty, too. I would "make" them exactly the same way... have someone else make them! ha!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
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