Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I Think It's Tuesday Typography (and a product update)!

Oh, the glorious joy of waking up (and not to the 5am alarm!) and not even knowing what day it is.  I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays as much as I am. :) I'm definitely not envious of all the US/Canadian bloggers who have been sharing the busy-ness of the beginning of the school year in their posts... but at the rate the year is flying past, that will be us Aussie teachers before we know it!

A quick product update - after a request I added starting dots and direction arrows to my Queensland print Alphabet Playdough Mats  so they can be used more effectively for handwriting practise as well.  I also have a set in a generic print (with no arrows), and mats for numbers 1-10 with simple directions and picture clues to use playdough for counting practise. :)

Before I head off to snooze on the couch while watching Dr. Phil, here's some gorgeous typography as a little Tuesday inspiration!


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