Saturday, 26 October 2013

Five for Fraturday! 26/10/13

I think I've just about given up on posting my Friday Five on a Friday!  Here's my collection of random moments for this week... better late than never. :)


We have a lovely, big, walk through storeroom in between my classroom and the one next door.  On Monday (student free for us) our teacher aides spent the day cleaning it out because it was literally bursting at the seams and needed a really good re-organise.  Amongst all the treasures that have been saved and stored for the past 12 years was a big box of cassette tapes!  My classroom stereo has a tape player, so I gladly took the box and sorted through it.  I now have about 50 new stories on tape, some classic kids' music (Psalty the Singing Song Book, anyone?), and this baby:

My kidlets and I had great fun looking at the 'olden days' tapes and dancing along with Mickey and Minnie.


My new group work table arrived!  YAY! I love the colour combo of the gorgeous blue table and my turquoise and orange stools from Ikea.


This week we fed our Alphabet Monster with some words to revise the 'th', 'sh' and 'ch' sounds.  One of my little treasures wrote 'fum'.  I was just amazed that she could connect the word 'thumb' with the 'th' sound, and could even point to the letters 'th' written on the board, but still used an 'f' because that's how she pronounces the sound.  Anyone know how that works?!


Yesterday was World Teacher's Day, which is celebrated at our school as a general staff appreciation day.  The boss gave us all movie tickets, and my cheekiest kidlet gave me a beautiful bunch of lilies and roses.  Even more beautiful than the flowers was the really warm hug that his mum gave me along with a genuine thank you for teaching and loving her son.  Wouldn't our jobs be wonderful if we had a moment like that every week? :)


During Discovery Play time this week some of my girls wanted to make their own Alphabet Monsters to take home with them.  I had a million and one assessment tasks I needed to do during that time... but sitting with them at the Creation Station to help them was a much more appealing choice. :) Plenty of time for assessment next week.

I'll be back hopefully tomorrow to share some of the activities my kidlets loved working on this week, but for now I'm off to have a glass of wine and get some serious pinning done.  That's what all the cool kids do on a Saturday night, right??

Happy weekend bloggy friends!



  1. What beautiful flowers, and what a sweet moment! So glad you received that encouragement this week!

    1. There really is nothing like an encouraging word or two to lift your spirits - and it's extra special when it comes from a parent!
      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. Love the table! Do you know where it came from? Would love to have one of these!

    1. Hi Brooke,
      I love it too! We got them from Woods Furniture ( I'd seen lots of US bloggers with tables shaped like this, but when I went looking I found it hard to find one similar - at least here in Queensland. The colour they have in the picture on the website is horrible, but if you request a catalogue there's tonnes of different table top colours, and you can even pick the finish that you want on the legs! :)

  3. How nice to get flowers! I absolutely get the whole, th/f thing, I have yr 2 kiddos STILL doing that! I think we really need to focus on speech in the early years because that is the only way we are going to get around this. What do we say to kiddos, sound it out, well that is the sound THEY hear when they sound it out. Have a great weekend!

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. Hi Tania,
      I've had so many more speech and language development issues that I've ever had before with my Preppies this year. I've done lots of focussed work trying to 'fix' what I can, but I'm going to spend heaps of time over the Christmas break researching some good strategies to use in the classroom to add to my plan for next year.
      The flowers are lovely! I'd so love to have a bunch in my classroom every week... maybe I can add it to the list of things I ask parents to donate? :)


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