Thursday, 17 October 2013

All in a Twist for Sight Words!

I had to stop by to quickly share an activity that I have been wanting to play with my kidlets for ages and finally got around to planning for this week.  Sight Word Twister is our new favourite game!  

Now, there's a heap of pins and posts for this idea on the vast expanse of the internet, so it's definitely not my original idea - I guess it might be one of those things that teachers have been doing forever! Well maybe not forever... just since Twister hit toy store shelves.

I wrote the words I wanted my class to practise on index cards and taped them to the mat.  (I'd love to have a few old mats that I could just write on with permanent marker to keep for when I needed them!) I wrote 20 different words, but closer to the beginning of the year I would write a few words numerous times. The rules are easy: Spin the spinner in the same way you do for regular Twister, to get a 'left foot blue' type instruction.  Kidlets can put their hand or foot on any circle they like, as long as they can read the word on it first. When they fall down, they're out!

We had LOTS of fun playing this game - all I could hear was giggles and cheers as each group got their turn to play.  It will definitely be making it into my high-rotation list of sight word games.  Have you tried Twister in your classroom, or do you have another favourite sight word game to play? I'd love to hear some more great ideas. :)

One more 5am alarm before the weekend... where do the weeks go?! 



  1. Love this idea, Lauren! I haven't played Twister yet, but my preppies love colour by sight word sheets. Splat with flyswats is a favourite and a new one I do is Sight Word Parking Lot (I got the idea from Pinterest- draw up a carpark with sight words in each spot, if the say the word they can park the car). My boys love it.

    1. We love Splat and Parking Lot, too! I've done colour by sight words a few times but had to make them myself as we use a school based list rather than a Dolch/Magic Words program. I should do them more often because the kids do love them
      Thanks for stopping by! :)


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