Saturday, 19 October 2013

Five for Friday! 19/10/13

Another Friday, another five random moments to share!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs - you should too! :)

1. We've been learning about living and non-living things in our Science lessons. This week we had some great opportunities to interact with different living things to learn about their needs.  First up was a gorgeous mother hen and her chicks that our Kitchen Garden teacher brought from her farm.  The kidlets were very interested to learn about how the hen teaches her chicks to scratch and peck for food, and loved seeing the tiniest chick hide under her mum to stay safe from little hands. :)

2. On Wednesday we had a day out at an aquarium here on the coast.  We learnt about lots of different creatures that live under the sea and in fresh water. We got to meet some sea stars and sea cucumbers in the Touch Tank and saw 2 seal shows.  My favourite part of the day was when each group had some free time right before we went home (the rest of the day had been a guided tour). One of the parent helpers took her group of boys back to the tunnel tank and they spent the whole time chatting to each other about the different animals that they could see, asking each other questions and sharing facts they knew about the fish, sharks, stingrays and turtles.  When I wandered past them all 4 were standing with their hands on the glass, staring at a reef shark hiding near some coral.  Such precious kidlets! 

3. A parcel arrived yesterday - full of treasures that I bought online!  I've now got some Alphabet Sand Moulds, Letter Stampers and Alphabet Beads to use in word work activities, and some of those coloured plastic link things that I've had my eye on for ages.  I've seen ideas from other blogs that use these to sequence number cards and spell sight words using letter cards, but I'd love some other ideas if you've got them! :)

4. I love working with kids, they say the funniest things.  I posted this story on Instagram last night from a conversation I had with a little cutie in the playground.  Now, I know I'm not a medical expert but for a while I was seriously confused!

5. No photo for this one!  Next week is a short one with kidlets for me.  We have a student free day on Monday, and then I'm off 'networking' (doesn't that sound official?) at another school on Tuesday.  Does anyone else struggle to let another teachers take control of their class... even for just a day? 

OK, it's time for another coffee in an attempt to motivate myself to get the housework done.  I MUST resist the urge to spend hours blog hopping!!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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