Friday, 11 July 2014

Five for Friday!

I guess if it's Friday that means that holidays are almost over! :( Next week we have student free days, but after that it will be back to the grindstone.  Luckily, today also means that it's time for Five for Friday! Here's my random moments from a lazy week.

Speaking of lazy... I have been spending a lot of time on my couch this week.  Staying up late watching movies, then relaxing with a coffee after a sleep in each morning.  I didn't want to share a photo of my couch (that would be weird), but here's what I spent a good chunk of my time watching just yesterday:

I love, love, love Anne of Green Gables - but she is a real time investment!  Seven-ish hours of serious watching to get the whole story done! :)

I went into my classroom this week, hoping to get some organising done.  FAIL!  I think all I did was make an even bigger mess... and made myself stressed that my new library furniture hasn't arrived yet.  

I ended up piling all the books in boxes (apart from the few you see here) and crossing my fingers that the selves will get here asap!

I did get one thing done - one of my bulletin boards was changed over to display our word family ribbons.

I hot glued the cards from Marsha's word families galore pack onto coloured ribbons and display them on the wall after we've learnt all about each word family.  We move the ribbons around the room as needed during the week's activities before they go on the wall.  The bonus is that they are so easy to pack away and store because they are all glued together.

One of my goals this winter break was to get some resources ready for the start of term - particularly for those kidlets who needed a little extra practice with some important concepts.  I made lots of reading fluency games, some maths activities, and today made up these cute mailboxes and envelope cards for sorting CVC words by medial vowel sound.

My kidlets are going to love it!!  I called this pack You've Got Mail - it's even got a few worksheets to use as a record of student learning.

Winter in Queensland is gorgeous - during my lazy days I've spent some time reading in the sun and looking at this view.

Has anyone seen this show?  Usually I am a huge fan of cheesy reality TV, but even this one makes me cringe.

A bunch of us Aussie bloggers were chatting about how much we would love to be in Vegas this week, hanging out and having fun at the TpT conference.  Every time I check Instagram I have major FOMO, so I've started saving towards next year!! :)  If you're there or going soon, I hope you are having an amazing time!  As for me - I'll stay here and relax on the couch...


  1. Ooooo - I love your word family wall! I might have to try and replicate. :) P.S. - I'm not sure where you are located in QLD, but I once visited Brisbane and thought it was nice. When I was in high school, my cheerleading team stayed in the Gold Coast for a few weeks. I loved it!!

  2. Isn't summer great? Like you, I love staying up late, sleeping in, and having some coffee at a leisurely pace until I feel like doing something else. We need to enjoy every minute...the days are slipping away too quickly!
    (I also have major FOMO with the Vegas conference! Next year, for sure!)
    BigTime Literacy

  3. Your view is beautiful!!! Is it warm??
    Mixing it up in Middle

  4. You've Got Mail looks awesome! And I really like the bright coloured stools in the photo.

    Luck's Little Learners

  5. I love Anne of Green Gables. I might have to pull it out for a re read. I don now how many times I would have read it growing up! Lucky you having pupil free days! We are straight back into it on Monday! Hope you are staying warm! Ps-love Marsha's word family packages, and I love your display!!

  6. How lucky that you get new library furniture! Hope to see a photo when it's all set up :)
    Enjoy the last few days of holidays.

    Oh the Little Wonders

  7. Oh my gosh, Anne of Green Gables is my FAVORITE. Maybe ever. I remember watching it with my kids, and thinking Gilbert was just theee perfect boy. :) Your winter view is perfect, by the way- and I would LOVE to go to Vegas next year! I thought the same thing seeing all the pictures! :)

  8. I am having Vegas FOMO to!!! :( I haven't seen I Wanna Marry Harry, but I've heard some pretty hilarious things about it. Enjoy the rest of your break!

    My Carolina Classroom


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