Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hey Presto! {Pin it to win it!}

This year my class is full of very high energy, exuberant characters.  I love them to bits... but boy are they tricky to find resources for!  They love games and hands on activities, and seem to really be motivated by competition... with fickle attention spans! What's new for 5 year olds, right?  Combining all this with the fact that many of them need to become much more fluent with their reading (at various skill levels) sent me on a mission to create a set of games that would allow them to read, play and win! Today... my mission was completed. :)

I have kidlets in my class who are working on reading CVC words, some who are ready for trickier words, and some who need practice reading simple sentences.  I wanted to make games that were essentially the same concept (similar to Bang!-type games) so that when each new pack was introduced the format was familiar to my kidlets while still focusing on their ability level.  I started by making Shark! (CVC words) and then moved on to Fox in the Hen House! for digraphs and Shiver Me Timbers! for sentences.  Today I finished Hey Presto! and am so excited to use it for my little learners who need to practice reading long vowel 'Magic E' words! :)

I'm so hoping that these resources can be of use to others!  How about a giveaway? Pin any of the below images to WIN the game of your choice!  Pin more than one image for extra chances to win. :) (Don't forget to leave a comment with the link to your pin.)

Happy Thursday, friends! I hope you are enjoying cable TV and the good wine like I am... but then you might not be at your parent's house. :)


  1. Hi Lauren,

    These are such cool games!! Would you consider making versions of these for capital letters and lower case letters? I've still got a few kiddoes who need a bit more practice at letter ID...

    Luck's Little Learners

  2. I am enjoying watching TV, drinking wine, and eating well! I love vacation!






    Thank you, Catherine Williams

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    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

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    Love the new blog design too Lauren!
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