Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Two for Tuesday! A best seller and a newbie.

Well folks, this will be a super quick post because I am having a moment.  You know, one of these:

That darn grumpy cat always makes me smile!  He just has a way of articulating my thoughts, especially in those moments when I'm being a big baby. :)

I'm stopping by today to share with you the two products that I've marked down to half price for The Teaching Tribune's Two for Tuesday.  Both are card sorting activities with bonus worksheets - one is an old favourite that has been a best seller, and the second is a new one that I'm super excited about!

Sort it Out! Letters Words and Sentences is a really engaging way to teach a very important skill.  With this pack, kidlets will sort cards as either letters, words or sentences - perfect for the pocket chart! - and 'show what they know' with either a cut and paste or written worksheet.  The words and sentences are taken mostly from the Dolch lists so your little learners can decode them.  Once we've done this activity as a whole class and then in small groups, I pop it in the 'fast finishers' basket and it works as a great task to review this skill.

Grab it today for only $1.50!

My newest product, You've Got Mail, is a medial vowel sorting activity with a cute envelope and post box theme.  

It's got three worksheets as part of the pack - kidlets can colour, write or match to show the correct medial vowel.  Only $1.50 today!

Don't forget to pop over and visit The Teaching Tribune to check out all the other awesome products on sale today.  I've grabbed a few amazing bargains with this linky - can't wait to stock up my cart with some more!


  1. Grumpy cat just summed up my day too! Love your 2 for tuesday! :)

  2. I had one of those days on Monday.

    Awesome products, too!

    Luck's Little Learners


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