Wednesday, 2 July 2014

July Currently & Two for Tuesday!

I'm being a lazy blogger today and giving you a BOGO post - I'm linking up with both Farley and The Teaching Tribune! :)  First let's tackle the Currently.

It's early Wednesday morning here and I just got up - the first thing I needed to do was pack the dishwasher because I have been a super lazy housekeeper the past couple of days!  I can hear it whirring away, along with some morning TV and a lovely sea breeze outside.  I've also made my first coffee of the day... but the caffeine hasn't quite kicked in yet so there's lots of things whirling around in my brain - but not anything that I can pin down!  Once I do wake up properly I'm really hoping that I can cross some things of my to do list today.  I know I should try to go to the gym, my plan for eating really healthily this winter break has been an epic fail. :)

It's been cold here lately  and I'm LOVING it!  Finally some weather that lets me wear my huge collection of boots, scarves and coats. :)  I'll have to choose an outfit for the 4th - no holiday here of course, but I'm spending the day at IKEA with my Mum. I need to buy a desk and rug for my office area.  

Now it's time for Two for Tuesday!  Today I've marked down 2 reading fluency games - 'Shiver Me Timbers' and 'Fox in the Hen House'!

'Shiver Me Timbers' is a pirate themed game that will have your kidlets reading simple sentences.  Don't be alarmed when you hear cries of 'Arghh!' as they play - it's all part of the fun. :)  Click on the photo to visit my store.

'Fox in the Hen House' is my newest game - it allows children to practise reading sh, ch and th words while trying to avoid the sneaky fox in the hen house. :) Click on the picture to see it in my store.

These games are down to $1.50 for today and tomorrow!! That's a bargain, friends!!

Well, I guess productivity involves leaving the couch... wish me luck! :)


  1. Cold weather?? Lucky you, the humidity is killing me!!

  2. I wish I was listening to my dishwasher. Mine is kind of breaking down. I'm trying to decide if we should spend the $ to repair it or if I should buy a new one....

    Love that calming background color on your blog.


  3. Oh, I am missing my scarves and boots and cold weather clothes. I hope you got your to-do list completed. That is a great feeling. :)


    Always Adapting

  4. Have fun at IKEA! I was there on Saturday and it's always an experience!

    Stef @ Miss Galvin Learns

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  6. I'm loving the cold weather too! What's not to love about scarf and boots weather right? :)

    Oh the Little Wonders

  7. Lauren, I LOVE scarves and boots, too! And my sweat pants! It is really HOT here this week. I know we have waited for it- so I don't want to complain... Have fun at IKEA! It's so much fun to just shop sometimes!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together


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