Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Two for Tuesday!

How great are holidays! Tonight I'm staying up late to watch a movie! It's the small things. :) Stopping past real quick to share a few products in my store that I've discounted by 50% for The Teaching Tribune's Two for Tuesday!  They would have to be the bargain of the century - $1.25 each!!

First up is my newest product - a letter recognition card game called Beep! Beep!  This super cute game is perfect for your kidlets who need a little extra practice in fluently identifying lower and uppercase letters.  (If you've purchased the bundle of reading fluency games, this one will be added to that very soon!).

Sticking with the theme of lower and uppercase letter recognition I've put my A-Z Three Piece Puzzles on sale too!  
Although it's technically a third product, I marked the Queensland Print puzzles down too. :)
Back to movie watching for me!  Be sure to check out The Teaching Tribune for some more bargains. Happy shopping friends. :)

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